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International City Gaming Conference

Games for Cities is a collaborative research and design project about the potential of games for inclusive city making. On April 20/21 the project is hosting its first international conference, with leading ‘city-game’ design experts from around the world. The conference will be held in Rotterdam’s Het Nieuwe Instituut and is open to the public. City-games are…

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MAPPY: a digital heritage collaboration with HistoryIT and Impakt Festival

1. About the collaboration In September 2016 the Master program New Media and Digital Culture based at Utrecht University’s Media and Culture Studies department started a new collaboration with HistoryIT, a US based technology and services company working in the field of digital heritage, and Impakt Festival. The collaboration took shape in the new Master’s…

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Lecture + master class Jason King, 2 Dec. 2016 in Parnassos

On Dec. 2 2016 Jason King will be visiting Utrecht University. Location: Theatre Room, Parnassos, Kruisstraat 201 Utrecht. The program consists of two elements: 1) Arts and Society Speaker Series (13:00-15:00) TRANSFORMING 21st CENTURY POP In this discussion and lecture, Jason King shares some of his thoughts about the state and future of global pop music into the second decade of the…

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Seminar Ole B. Jensen & Simon Wind (C-MUS), 13 Dec. 2016 10:00 – 13:00

“Feedback Urbanism and Smart Placemaking – Reflections on Smart City and Urban Design” Invitation for public meeting and seminar with Ole B. Jensen & Simon Wind (C-MUS, Aalborg) 13 December 2016 10:00 – 13:00, Sweelinck Room (downstairs), Drift 21 Utrecht. We are very happy to welcome Ole B. Jensen & Simon Wind from the Centre…

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Why Theatre XL! program: “Playful Participation” around the work of Rimini Protokoll, 10-11 November 2016

We are proud to welcome the renowned theatre collective Rimini Protokoll as guests of our new edition Why Theatre XL! Taking Rimini Protokoll’s artistic work as starting point, we will discuss the relation between theatre and games, the way ludic elements and structures can be deployed in theatre to engage the audience and to address…

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Join us for work-in-progress student presentations on digital heritage, 27 October 2016 15:00 – 17:00 Theater Kikker

On 27 October at 15:00 students in one of MCW’s Master’s programmes (New Media & Digital Culture) will publicly present the preliminary results of their quest to create engaging stories and interfaces that open up cartographic archives to a general audience. The event is developed in close association with the 2016 IMPAKT Festival, themed “authenticity”. Ten teams will briefly present their…

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