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News about MiT@UU

The organizing team (Karin van Es, Judith Keilbach, Nina Köll, Hanna Surma and Nanna Verhoeff) is happy to announce that the conference Media in Transition@UU (June 26 at Het Huis, Utrecht) will receive financial support from Co.Laborations, EYE, and Mediawijzer – Het Nederlands Netwerk voor Mediawijsheid. We are also excited that representatives from EYE and Mediawijzer will be joining us for round…

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A Million Pictures: Magic Lantern Slide Heritage as Artefacts in the Common European History of Learning

The magic lantern was the most important visual entertainment and means of instruction across nineteenth‐century Europe. However, despite its pervasiveness across multiple scientific, educational and popular contexts, magic lantern slides remain under‐researched. Although many libraries and museums across Europe hold tens of thousands of lantern slides in their collections, a lack of standards for documentation

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