CO.LABORATIONS | Partnerships in Media and Culture


Co.Laborations is the Media and Culture Studies department Expertise Centre, based at Utrecht University. Co.Laborations aims to foster partnerships between academia and practitioners in the fields of media and culture. With these partnerships we aim to share our knowledge and expertise to a wider circle of professionals and audiences, and in turn learn from professionals in order to enhance research and education, and help students prepare for their career after their studies.

One of the ways to collaborate is to develop projects together with partners in the field of media and culture. These collaborations focus on productive, inspiring and mutually beneficial exchanges in research, education, the valorization of professional expertise, and getting students in touch with the (future) professional field. Co.Laborations does not claim to be the sole carrier of expertise; instead it believes that new knowledge and innovation arises from equal, inspiring and productive exchanges between practise-based and academic expertise.

The Department of Media and Culture Studies provides education and carries out research in the fields of film, television, games, new media and digital culture, theatre, dance and performance, gender and ethnicity, music and cultural policies. Culture is a dynamic mix of artistic, creative and everyday practices with which people shape their identities and actions, and within which societal structures and institutions take shape. Media (old and new) are crucial factors in these processes.

Current coordinators of the Media and Culture Studies Expertise Centre are Michiel de Lange ( and Sanne Sprenger (

Team members of Co.Laborations are Jasmijn van Gorp, Michiel Kamp, Sigrid Merx, Domitila Olivieri. Current student team members are Rinke de Haan and Francine van Beusekom.