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18 - 19 May 2018
Rural Utrecht Province

Turncamp: The art of change – connecting arts, action and reflection

[preview] Turncamp: The art of change – connecting arts, action and reflection.

A 2 day offline retreat with workshops, conversations and performance for students

  • Can art play a role of significance in the big challenges that we face today as a global community?
  • How might we enlarge the space for curiosity, play and experiment in a world that’s focused on achievement, production and building reputation?
  • Can we create a start?

In a 2 day retreat, we’ll experience the use of artistic research to develop visionary and believable scenarios for a sustainable world. In a creative and active process, we create 100 commitments to concrete, practical ideas that connect art-thinking with the societal challenges of today.

We explore the conditions that we need to break out of our professional silos and create unusual connections and constructive collaborations.

Together, we lay the foundation for a movement of visionary, creative change makers.

“During the 20th century the place where the work of an artist was supposed to look best:
the black/white, context-free space in a theatre or a museum.
For a growing number of artists this is unsatisfactory, because it isolates art from society.”
Tabo Goudswaard, artist, consultant and director of the “Art of Impact” program.

“Therefore, in navigating a complex world, we need to be intuitive, creative, imaginative, innovative, flexible, and able to respond quickly to what is happening in the moment.
Instead of having all of the answers, we learn to be comfortable in the “not knowing.” It helps to be able to see beyond the surface – to perceive beyond the obvious.”
Alan Seale

“Turnclub is an exciting project that invites academics to rethink how they might engage and contribute to today’s social challenges”
Michiel de Lange – Media & Culture Studies department, Utrecht University

Turncamp is like a leap in the unknown. I think that’s a good thing and like to quote the great composer Frank Zappa: “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”
Aart van der Maas – Education manager Social Work, Hogeschool Utrecht

DATES: FRI 18-SAT 19 MAY 2018
VENUE: Rural Utrecht Province

With contributions from
ArtEZ – Master Artist Educator
HKU – Art & Economy
Utrecht University – Master Arts & Society
HU – Social Work


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