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15 May 2018
14:00 - 17:00
depart: Drift 13, room 005

15 May 2018 event: Exploring Scenographic Strategies in Data Walks

Datafied Society, Platform-Scenography, and [urban interfaces] present:

Exploring Scenographic Strategies in Data Walks
15 May 2018, 14.00-17.00 (Drift 13, room 005)

At the London School of Economics Alison Powell has been working on the Data Walking project ( During data walks people are invited to observe, discuss and record connections between, data, processes of datafication and the city. They make notes of tensions, surprises and counterintuitive findings. The walk is used as a way to surface new understanding of data and create an open engagement with data.

This workshop is explores data walks for teaching and research at the department of Media and Culture Studies. It considers how new ‘scenographic strategies’ might provoke the insights, challenges and interventions made possible by such walks.

To register please send an e-mail to V Rittmann  (there is room for max. 15 participants)



14.00: Between Realities #Athens (Sigrid Merx)
14.20: Data walks (V Rittmann & Karin van Es)
14.35: Define data
14.55: Form groups
15.00: Walk
15.45: Tell stories/discuss creative responses
16.15: Revisiting data walks with scenographic strategies

The event is organized by Karin van Es, V. Rittmann, Sigrid Merx, Michiel de Lange, Nanna Verhoeff, with generous support from RMeS.