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5 October 2017
17:00 - 19:30
Parnassos (Kruisstraat 201, Utrecht)

Tabita Rezaire PCI: Lecture and Screening

In this PCI screening, we have the great honour and privilege to have with us the artist Tabita Rezaire, who will introduce, show and discuss her video work for an hour, followed by a 30 minute Q&A session. We end with drinks. The session is titled Decolonial trinity: technologies of the spiritual, erotic and politics.


This event is co-organized by Koen Leurs, Domitilla Olivieri and Michiel de Lange as part of a collaboration between the Postcolonial Studies Initiative and Co.Laborations, the Expertise Centre of Utrecht University’s Department of Media and Culture. If you are on Facebook, kindly RSVP to this Facebook event to let us know you are coming.


Tabita Rezaire
Tabita Rezaire (see: link) is a French – of Guyanese and Danish descent – video artist, health-tech-politics practitioner, and Kemetic/ Kundalini Yoga teacher based in Johannesburg. Tabita’s practices unearth the possibilities of decolonial healing through the politics of technology. Navigating architectures of power – online and offline – her work tackles the pervasive matrix of coloniality and its affects on technology, sexuality, health and spirituality.


Through screen interfaces and energy streams, her digital healing activism offers substitute readings to dominant narratives decentering occidental authority and preaches to dismantle our oppressive white-supremacist-patriarchal-cis-hetero-globalized world screen.


Tabita is a founding member of the artist group NTU, half of the duo Malaxa, and mother of the house of SENEB. She is represented by the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg.


In 2016, Tabita was a resident at the Utrecht Impakt Festival (see: link).